Particles X

In the XY hypothesis that I proposed, I considered it necessary to amend some items and some rules of the physics theories because it seems that some physics rules need to be changed and presenting new theories appear to be indispensable.

In the XY hypothesis about dark energy and material on which scientists have investigated, I wrote some issues, but what I think about the emergence of the existing world is somehow more different than the dark energy and material. For the same purpose I intend to propose particles x hypothesis and then answer many questions.

A three dimensional space composed of other 3d cells next to each other, but as wide as the whole world.

As the following figure:

In fact, each cell is the place of particles x location and the size of each cell is approximately the same as a particle x.

What is a particle x?

Particle x is the smallest and the most fundamental particle of the living world which is defined not only as the substitute for the dark material, but also for the dark energy.

This particle has three basic features:

1-The most fundamental particle of the existing world not made of any other particle and is the tiniest possible particle.

2-This particle has the gravitational force.

3-This particle is intelligent and can demonstrate different voluntary reactions and has the power of decision making.

Each of the particles x is located in the 3d cells which I explained. Of course, I should add all 3d cells which I mentioned do not have particles x. Thus, particles x can move within 3d spaces and be located in other cells.

Gravitational force and intelligibility are the factors of these particles movements in 3d spaces. Therefore, any part of the existing world can affect up to the furthest point of it( the furthest cell in 3d space) just like a train wagon.

In my opinion, what scientists explain as the energy is indeed the effects of gravitation power and intelligence of these particles on each other.

If we accept particles x hypothesis, then we can present a better and more accurate definition for the time.

In my opinion, time means the movement of particles x in small 3d cells.

Such definition is not against today’s scientists’ imagination about time and it can be accepted as a new definition of time.

Proving the travel within the time using particles x principals

Travel within the time has been defined in two types:

1-Travel to the past

2-Travel to the future

According to particles x hypothesis, I think that both types are possible which I can explain about .

Travel to the past

Travel to the past is possible in two ways.

*The travel to the past in the form of simulation and without physical presence in it, which is a perfect and faultless trip.

*The travel to the past physically and presence in the past which is finally the incomplete trip to the past.

*The travel to the future

The travel to the future is possible as like as the one to the past.

But how can one travel within the time?

In case, we can find particles x within 3d cells in which they have been before, we can travel within the time in simulation form and without presence we can have a trip within the simulated time just like a video image.

But if we can put particles in the same 3d cells after diagnosing where they have been before, we can travel within the time physically, but since travelling physically needs locating our own particles x in those 3d cells, our trip will be done in an incomplete past because if our particles x are located in the past 3d spaces it can affect all other particles x and bring about an incomplete past. So, what we will experience during this travel is a different past from the real one and it will look like as if we drop a little stone in a full-sand container and witness the movement of the sand around it! Therefore, this trip will take us to an unreal past and the only way of travelling physically to the real past is to locate our own particles in the empty cells of the 3d space which, again just a near-reality trip to the past can be experienced due to particles x intelligence.

Our work will be more difficult on travelling to the future since we should be able to understand particles x intelligence more perfectly and exactly know to which 3d cells particles x will go in current situations , to be able to have a trip to future like the travel to the past.

The paradox of the grandfather and particles x

As I explained above about how to travel to the past, we should be able to locate each of particles x in the 3d cells where they have been before.

Therefore, if we can travel to the past physically, our physical presence might affect many other particles and there may be no grandfather to meet and ruin (him).

Even if we can be placed in empty cells of 3d spaces and ruin our own grandpa, we would not emerge in the future because we have ruined ourselves in the future and our presence in a time before being born will cause so many changes in the future because we have brought our own particles x to the past, so we have moved all particles x of the existing world from 3d cells and the future which will be made will surely be more different than the future to which we have travelled.

In the particles x hypothesis time neither moves forward nor backward, but just particles x move within 3d space of their cells in and directions.

Due to their fundamental features, these particles can change into any material or thing that they like. Maybe i write in details about it in future.