Casit Auto Scanner

Casit Auto Scanner is a Web Scanner and Peneration Testing tools in order to find Web’s vulnerabilities and to exploit them automatically.

Main Features
Realtime Scan Vulnerability:
SQL Injection
Blind Sql Injection*
Path Traversal*

SQL Databases to detect:

Oracle,Sybase (ASE),PostgreSQL,MySql 5x,MySQL 4.1,MySQL,MSSQL 2005 with error, MSSQL 2000 with error

Databases to inject
MsAccess,MySql 5x,MsSql2000 with error

Kernel Sniffer :
Grab Visited Links
TCP / UDP Protocols Supported
Sniff in Kernel Mode Area
Have Many Options; Like: Process,PID,Local Port/IP,Remote Port/IP and etc

NetSpy Plugin
Spy Single or Multi Targets only with press Ctrl+C on evry where of texts

Hash Plugin
Online Cracks : Scan MD5 and SHA hashes with 20 websites
Offline Cracks : Crack 20 types of hashes
Dictionary Attack : Crack Hashes with list of words
Encode / Decode :17 types of hashes
Passwd Extractor : Extract password from passwd file on servers
PHP Sheller Undetector : Undectect php shellers with BASE64 method
IP / Port Scanner :
Scan Allive Remote IP
Scan Remote Ports

Server Attack :
HTTP Flooder
Ping Flooder
Syn Flooder
Online UDP Flooder
Offline UDP Flooder

CPanel/FTP Cracker :
Crack Cpanel Accounts With Dictionary Method
Crack FTP Accounts With Dictionary Method

Offline Scan :
Scan Without Sniffer
Supported All Types of Proxies
Include Casit Special Browser
Dork Maker
Use 3 Search Engines: Google,Bing,Yahoo.
Used Multi Thread Technology.
Grab IP Info and Country.
Scan For Vulnerability – 15 Types of Vulnerable Dorks:
SQL,XSS,LFI,RFI,PHP,ASP,Uploader,Country,Shell,Joomla,WordPress,Governments,Generic,Named Dorks,Special.
20,000+ Dorks

Web Server
Execute Html Codes in Special Code Explorer Area
Get Html Code From Websites
Post Url
Supported all Borwsers
Proxy Supported
Change Custom User Agents
You Can Using For Exploit CSRF Vulnerability and etc,…
And Many Fetures …

Support Plugin
Manual Parser Plugin
Advance Admin Finder

It is updating:
Find targets and SQL Injection Vulnerabilities.
Many thanks for your comments and questions about my application.
This is an application to catch targets with SQL injection vulnerabilities and analysis websites with search engines like:, With bypass all captcha.
Also, I have to mention here, you have many options and features for scanning vulnerable sites like: auto inject vulnerable sites, scanning for admin pages with some methods,
crack md5 passwords Get IP address with countries, manage the vulnerable list, site crawler, cpanel cracker and many other features…